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Welcome to Complete Payroll Solutions

Payroll may seem never ending but it doesn't have to be all-encompassing.  We've partnered with Complete Payroll Solutions to offer your business a payroll solution that takes care of the daily, weekly and monthly tasks involved with paying your employees and keeping up with taxes so you can take care or tasks of running your company.  It's a partnership for all seasons designed to make everyon's work easier, more efficient and cost effective - starting at only $25 a pay period.

Consistency, compliance and critical reporting - made easy.

Spend less time, get more done

Get a unified, single data source for all your HR, benefits, time and attendance, and payroll info instead of putting the pieces together yourself, saving you hours each month.

Handle the hard stuff, with personal help

A personal partnership with an insider means peace of mind when complications in computation, taxes, wage law, documentation and more arise.

Report reliably

The perfect paycheck and rock-solid reporting do exist.  Our people help make it happen with a combination of hands-on support and superior technology.  

A single login

CPS simplifies the payroll process in multiple ways, but most importantly, wraps it all in a single seamless, cloud-based platform that lets you and your employees do everything with just a one touchpoint. 

For more information on our payroll partnership with Complete Payroll Solutions, please make an appointment or contact your Commercial Lender today. 

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